Tenon is a wood-products processing, marketing and export business, focusing on the manufacture and export of appearance grade “clearwood” radiata pine products to high value markets in North America and Europe.

From Tenon’s sawmill and remanufacturing operations in Taupo (NZ), the Company manufactures and exports the following products:

  • Solid, clearwood boards and appearance grade clear radiata lumber and solid lineal mouldings from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forest resources; and

  • Treated and primed radiata pine products for outdoor applications.

Tenon has strong supplier relationships with the independent pro-dealer (i.e. new housing) segment in the US, and, through it’s previously owned full service US distributor, Empire, also with Lowe’s, the world's second largest (DIY) home improvement centre stores in the US.

Click on this link to visit our Taupo operations’ website.

Tenon’s activities are reported in its annual and half year reports. These can be downloaded from the Investors section of this site.